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Shopify Partners Booth

The Shopify community team attends multiple events and conferences throughout the year to promote the Shopify Partnerships Program. A colleague and I were tasked with building a booth that would support the team with their needs of capturing interest, having room to store giveaways and be easily transported between countries.

Out of the ideation phase, my concept of a modular, approachable, and space-efficient booth was chosen. To help us with sourcing materials, building and safety logistics, we collaborated with the architecture firm, PlotnonPlot.

Together with Plotnonplot, we addressed the team's needs by designing hidden spaces for giveaway boxes, allowing the team to hang their items of choice using pegboards, and dedicating a working station for sign up iPads. The booth also allowed for height and width customizations using the overhead and side banners.


To address the need for shipping the booth between countries, we devised a custom made container that housed all 43 parts of the booth (including banners and decorative props). The container was supported with four wheels for easier transportation and included surrounding foam to protect its contents.


The booth was designed to stand out against standard trade show booths and was inspired to feel like a casual working space to relate more closely to the environment most of our partners work in. The choice of metal pipe and raw wood were chosen to represent a unique, imperfect yet professional build.


Booth Swag 


Designed at Shopify

Booth concept
Iman Ghader

Banners, posters
Iman Ghader


Project member
Megan Rosen

Booth 3D Renders 

Booth execution