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Shopify Commerce Awards

For the Shopify Commerce Awards, a yearly design and development competition, I worked with a colleague to design a celebration kit to be presented to all winners. The winners also received a free trip to Shopify’s Partner conference, Unite, where they received their award and kit.

The kit included travel-friendly items such as a local city guidebook, travel mist, a mug, sparkling champagne, champagne bubbles, and a customized award.


Award specs: white ink printed on Plexiglass mounted to dark walnut wood.

A social media hashtag was developed to track winners' engagement and further promote the competition. 


The elements used for the design of the award and all labels were inherited from the competition's brand designed in 2018. One of the main visual elements used was a purple droop abstracted from the pencil-inspired shape of the Commerce Awards logo.


Designed at Shopify

Award design, 3D renders
Iman Ghader

Mug, memo card, labels
Iman Ghader

Project Champion
Caitlin Teed


Nick DeGiorgio

Megan Rosen

Packaging Studio